Sierra Vista MPO Quarterly Newsletter - VIA VISTA

January - March 2016


Happy New Year from the SVMPO!

Your SVMPO is staying very busy going in to 2016. The SVMPO is currently working on a number of projects, to include:  

• Development of the SVMPO's first Long Range Transportation Plan.

• Fry Blvd. Corridor study

• North Garden Ave.

• Health Impact Assessment (HIA)

• Regional Highway Safety Plan (RHSP)

More information about these projects can be found on the MPO's web site at or below.

In This Issue:

Progress Report: 2040 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP)

Project Update: West End Fry Blvd Corridor Study

MPO 101

Sierra Vista Sidewalks: Inventory & Implementation Plan

Health Impact Assessment

Regional Highway Safety Plan


Progress Report: 2040 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP)


The draft RTP is available for review and comment by the public.  SVMPO is beginning the public input and comment period and WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!




The Sierra Vista Metropolitan Planning Organization (SVMPO) is holding an Open House to provide the public an opportunity to review and give feedback for the Sierra Vista MPO’s first Long Range Transportation Plan. 

 When: January 4, 2016

Open House Hours: 5 – 6:00 p.m.

Where:  Sierra Vista Library, Mona Bishop Room

More information can be found on the project web page:

Public participation is an important part of the development of the RTP and comments/suggestions are welcome at any time for review and consideration.  Comments may be submitted by attending public meetings and filling out a comment form, submitting comments on the RTP project web page, by email, or letter addressed to the SVMPO office (contact info below).

The RTP is a 25-year long range transportation plan that will be a road map for transportation projects and programs in the SVMPO Planning Area. The RTP identifies goals, strategies and priorities for meeting the region's transportation needs.

The RTP is tentatively scheduled to be reviewed by the SVMPO Board of Directors at a work session on January 21, and a final draft presented to the Board for approval at their regular meeting on March 17.


Project Update: Fry Boulevard

West End 

Corridor Study

Work has begun to study the Fry Blvd. corridor on the City's West End. The first step includes a technical analysis of the roadway such as traffic counts, vehicle turning movements at intersections, right-of-way width, location of utilities, access locations, etc.  The second step is a public outreach effort to better understand the needs and desires of business and property owners along the corridor.  

The end product will be design concepts of an improved roadway that will identify multi-modal transportation and streetscape design options, green infrastructure improvements, and programmatic strategies to improve the corridor with a particular focus on how transportation and streetscape strategies impact place-making and economic development.

For updates, please see the project page HERE.


MPO 101

Regional Transportation Plan (RTP)

Federal regulations for metropolitan planning organizations require the development of a minimum 20-year long range transportation plan of projects that lead to the development of an integrated multi-modal transportation system to facilitate the safe and efficient movement of people and goods. [23 CFR 450.322(b)]. The long range transportation plan must: 1) identify current transportation needs; 2) forecast future transportation needs and; 3) establish strategies and projects that address the needs. 


Sierra Vista Sidewalks: Inventory and Implementation Plan 

The Sierra Vista MPO recently completed a sidewalk and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) ramp inventory of public roads in Sierra Vista.  From the inventory, the SVMPO conducted a pedestrian gap analysis and developed the Sierra Vista Sidewalks Implementation Plan with recommendations to improve pedestrian access, safety, and increase pedestrian activity.

A sidewalk inventory map and draft Plan can be found on the SVMPO web site HERE.  


Health Impact Assessment

The SVMPO in coordination with the consulting firm 'PLANeT' were awarded a grant from the Arizona Department of Health Services to conduct a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) that will  examine the benefits of policies and projects that support bicycling and walking in the community.  

This HIA will provide valuable information about the connection between the physical environment and individual and community health. Information from this HIA will inform the update of the Sierra Vista Development Code, the implementation of the Sierra Vista Safe Bicycle and Pedestrian Routes Plan, Sierra Vista Sidewalk Implementation Plan, the design of two roadway projects within Sierra Vista, and federal funding proposals for the construction of bicycle and pedestrian facilities at Fort Huachuca, Sierra Vista, and the county.


Regional Highway Safety Plan

The MPO is partnering with and coordinating efforts with Southeast Arizona Governments Organization (SEAGO) to develop a Regional Highway Safety Plan (RHSP).  The RHSP will identify roads in the region with high accident rates to determine emphasis areas and identify safety strategies.  Safety strategies include infrastructure and non-infrastructure projects.  The plan will determine if infrastructure improvements to reduce accidents qualify for Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) funds.   SEAGO anticipates beginning development of the plan in March 2016.  Photo By: Stacy T. Smith





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