Sierra Vista MPO Quarterly Newsletter

October - December 2014

Welcome to VIA VISTA!

Welcome to the first edition of Via Vista, the Sierra Vista Metropolitan Planning Organization quarterly newsletter.  In an effort to involve the public in transportation related issues, the SVMPO hopes that this newsletter informs you about the SVMPO and opportunities to give us your thoughts on our transportation plans, and participate in the process of developing programs and projects.

Upcoming/Current SVMPO Projects

Public Participation Plan:  The SVMPO is seeking input from the public on the Public Participation Plan.  The draft Plan can be found on the SVMPO web site at

25-Year Regional Transportation Plan (RTP):  The RTP will be road map, so to speak, for transportation projects and programs in the SVMPO planning region.

Buffalo Soldier Trail Design Concept Report:  Report to identify alternative routes to extend Buffalo Soldier Trail from S. Highway 92 to Moson Road.

In This Issue

What is the Sierra Vista MPO

Meet the Administrator

MPO 101

Buffalo Soldier Trail Extension

Street Sign Replacement and Inventory


What is the Sierra Vista MPO?

The Sierra Vista Metropolitan Planning Organizations (SVMPO) is a transportation planning organization.  The MPO devises solutions to regional transportation problems, which involves addressing other important issues such as land use, energy, economic development and commerce. 

The SVMPO was designated by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer in May of 2013.  The requirement to establish the MPO is a result of the 2010 United State Census.  Sierra Vista and portions of Cochise County surrounding the City were designated as “Urbanized” with a population of more than 50,000. 

The SVMPO is governed by a Board of Directors made up of elected officials from the City of Sierra Vista, Cochise County, and an appointed official from the Arizona Department of Transportation.

So, what is different?

Now, an apportionment of transportation planning, safety, design and constructions funds are allocated directly to the Sierra Vista MPO for the Sierra Vista region.

The MPO receives funding dedicated for transportation planning in the region to plan for our metropolitan area and improve the transportation system for all users.

Extensive public outreach is a requirement of the MPO, welcoming and including all in the transportation planning process. 

Is this another layer of government?

Simply put - No.  The SVMPO is responsible for transportation planning for the Sierra Vista region.  The SVMPO does not implement regulations.  That is still done by your locally elected officials at their respective public meetings.

Additional information about MPOs will be provided in each quarterly newsletter in the MPO 101 Section below. 


Meet the Administrator

Dan Coxworth was hired as the full time Administrator of the SVMPO by the SVMPO Board in May 2014.  Previously Dan worked for the City of Sierra Vista and Cochise County as a Community Planner.  The City was notified in 2012 of the need to establish the MPO and Dan established and ran the MPO as the Interim Administrator ensuring no loss of transportation funding for the area.

“I’m very excited to be working for the SVMPO.  I’ve lived in Sierra Vista for a number of years and as this community grows transportation planning and the public’s involvement in the planning process is very important.”  - Dan Coxworth


MPO 101

MPOs have been around since 1962. 

Around 390 MPOs exist in the United States to include 13 new MPOs designated in 2013 as a result of the 2010 Census. 

Arizona now has 8 MPOs and is one of two States (the other is Oregon) with 3 new MPOs designated in 2013. 


Buffalo Soldier Trail Entension

Live in the county southeast of Sierra Vista and want to get to town quicker and easier?  The SVMPO is currently in the process of hiring a consultant  to prepare a Design Concept Report for the extension of Buffalo Soldier Trail from S. Highway 92 to Moson Road.  A Design Concept Report will identify route alternatives that are cost effective and provide the greatest benefit to the transportation system and community. 

"The extension of Buffalo Soldier Trail to Moson Road is a regionally important connection for both the City and County.  It will improve the circulation and efficiency of the transportation system in Sierra Vista and Cochise County." - Karen Riggs, Cochise County Highway & Floodplain Director

The DCR is expected to be complete by June 2015 and will involve input from the public. Please see the web site and BST_DCR project page for more infomation and annoucements.


Street Sign Replacement and Inventory

The City of Sierra Vista Public Works Department has begun replacing 6,000 street signs in Sierra Vista.  Funded by Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) funds,  the new signs will meet current reflectivity standards and improve safety for City drivers.  City staff estimates it will take a year to replace and inventory all warning, regulatory, and street signs. 

The SVMPO, in coordination with the City’s IT Department, helped in creating an android app to allow Streets maintenance crews to inventory all signs and collect location data while replacing street signs in the field.  The app, named Recon, works seamlessly with the City’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS).  Other City Departments will soon be using the app to more efficiently collect data and inventory City assets while in the field.

Picture: Sierra Vista Streets Maintenance Workers Bob Butterworth and Marty Jones replacing a street sign and colecting data with a tablet. 


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