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The Sierra Vista Metropolitan Planning Organization (SVMPO) is the designated transportation organization for the southeastern Cochise County region, in Arizona.  We are a policy and planning agency serving the City of Sierra Vista, the Town of Huachuca City and portions of urbanizing Cochise County, in partnership with the Arizona Department of Transportation.  We share information and build consensus among our three-member jurisdictions on regional transportation programs, plans and projects.

This website provides you with information about our agency and the programs, plans and projects we are working on to improve your regional transportation system.

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Regional News


    September 9, 2021

    The Town of Huachuca City, in partnership with the SVMPO, undertook the first complete Inventory and Assessment of the roadway system in the small 2.7 square mile Town. This Study completed the Town’s 2017 General Plan goal of developing a Transportation Circulation Plan that considered multi-modal options, scenic routes and impacts of storm drainage. You may learn more about the Huachuca City’s existing transportation system, recommendations for improvements and prioritized projects in the 2021-2027 Huachuca City Transportation System Plan.


    August 25, 2021

    Working closely with the City of Sierra Vista, the Vista Transit Short-Range Transit Plan was completed and adopted late this summer. This five-year plan sets out recommendations for improvements for the transit system and investments of Federal Transit Administration funds for the next five-years. Two of the recommendations: improved fare boxes and an update of the Public Transportation (Transit) Agency Safety Plan are being undertaken in 2021. You may view the 2021-2026 Short-Range Transit Plan here.


    August 25, 2021

    A review of existing transportation needs, identification of potential projects and an investment strategy for available transportation funds was completed for the Sierra Vista MPO region late this summer. This plan looks out to the horizon year of 2050 with prioritized projects identified for both near and long-term needs. Two high priority projects are being presented to the Arizona State Legislature for potential funding in 2022. The 2050 Long-Range Transportation Plan will guide future investments in transportation improvements.


    August 6, 2021

    Final Draft Plans for both of the SVMPO regional planning efforts: the Short-Range Transit Plan and the Long-Range Transportation Plan,  have been posted for review and comment!  Both plans, which have been underway and draft chapters posted on this website over the last year,  will be considered by the SVMPO Board for adoption at their regular meeting on August 25th. Area residents and business owners are encouraged to submit their questions, concerns and ideas on the SVMPO Contact Us link.

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