The SVMPO is governed by an Board of Directors that is made up of elected officials from its member jurisdictions, and a non-voting representative from the ADOT. This Board is responsible for directing the activities of the SVMPO and is the final decision maker on policy and distribution of regional funds.

There are two SVMPO Committees: the SVMPO Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is made up of representatives from the Public Works and Community Development departments of each member jurisdiction, and one voting member from the ADOT.  The TAC reviews programs, plans and projects with the SVMPO Director and provides recommendations to the Board of Directors for consideration.  The second committee is the SVMPO Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC), made up of community members who have a special interest or expertise in alternative and recreational modes of transportation. The BPAC reviews programs, plans and projects related to bicycling and pedestrian activities and provides recommendations, through the TAC, to the Board of Directors for consideration.