Public notices are official announcements or notices of a proposed action or decision, or of a public meeting or hearing. These notices are often legally required. They let you know about important opportunities to make your opinions known before final decisions are made.

Arizona’s Open Meeting Law requires that public notices be posted 24 hours in advance of the meeting.  The SVMPO Meeting Notices state the meeting date, the start time and the meeting location.  The agenda for each meeting can be obtained on this SVMPO web-site or by contacting the SVMPO Administrator.

Pursuant to A.R.S. § 38-431.02, the Sierra Vista Metropolitan Planning Organization hereby states that all notices of the meetings of the Sierra Vista Metropolitan Planning Organization and any of its committees and subcommittees will be posted in the lobby of City of Sierra Vista’s Public Works Building: Pete Castro Center, located at 401 Giulio Cesare Avenue, Sierra Vista, Arizona, 85603. This location is open to the public Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., except legal holidays. Member jurisdictions also provide courtesy postings of these public notices at their official legal posting locations.

Notice of Executive Board Meeting June 24, 20216/21/2021
Notice of Technical Advisory Committee Meeting, June 9, 20216/3/2021
Public Notice for SVMPO Joint Work Session6/1/2021
Notice of Working Session May 26, 202105/25/2021
Notice of Board of Directors Meeting, May 27, 20215/19/21
Notice of TAC Meeting, May 12, 20215/8/21
Notice of BPAC Meeting May 4, 20214/30/21
Board of Directors Meeting, March 31, 20213/26/21
`Notice of Executive Session, March 31, 20213/26/21
Notice of Public Meeting, TAC, March 10, 20213/6/21
Notice of BPAC Meeting March 2, 20212/27/21
Notice of Public Meeting of Board of Directors March 31, 20212/12/21
Notice of Executive Board Meeting for January 28, 20211/25/2021
Notice of TAC Meeting for January 27, 20211/25/2021
Executive Board Meeting, 11/19/2011/6/2020
BPAC Meeting, November 17, 202011/6/2020
Notice of Public TAC Meeting November 4, 202010/30/2020
Notice of Board of Directors Meeting: October 15, 202010/7/2020
Notice of Executive Board Work Session10/7/2020
Notice of BPAC meeting for Sept 29th9/20/2020
Notice of Board of Directors Meeting for September 17, 20208/21/2020
Notice of TAC Meeting for September 2, 20208/21/2020