The SVMPO is beginning two regional planning efforts, approved in the SVMPO FY21 Work Program.  Our Long-Range Transportation Plan update will look out as far as the year 2050 to identify transportation related needs for the region.  A consultant team, Kimley-Horn, will work with elected officials and area residents,  to find solutions and discuss funding options for making community investments in all modes of travel.  The Short-Range Transit Plan update will consider transit needs for Vista Transit, and regional connections, for the next five years.  A consultant team, Michael-Baker, will assist transit staff to develop recommendations for improving accessibility and connections for transit options throughout Sierra Vista and surrounding areas.  Both plans are expected to be completed by summer of 2021.  Look to this site for opportunities to be involved in both studies!  If you have any immediate questions about these planning efforts, please let us know on our SVMPO Contact Us Form.