The Town of Huachuca City, in partnership with the Sierra Vista Metropolitan Planning Organization, is conducting a comprehensive Roadway Inventory and Assessment of the greater Huachuca City area, including the Babocomari neighborhood area located northeast of the Town.

Rick Engineering was selected to provide professional consulting services to the Town for this effort. This Study was undertaken to provide baseline data to the community for planning future needed street system improvements.

Dennis Donovan, P.E. the Regional Civil Engineer for the SVMPO, stated that “this Study has provided a tremendous amount of valuable information for the Town’s operations and supporting potential growth in the area in and around Huachuca City’.

There are 14.7 miles of roadways within the 3 square mile Town limits with a 2.7-mile segment of Highway 90. The Town used a roadway assessment tool called RoadBoticsTM to collect and rate street pavement conditions and to photograph each roadway. Many of the streets showed evidence of extensive cracking, surface distresses, and are in need of surface treatment or replacement.

Unsurfaced roads in the area were also assessed and found to be in fair to poor condition. Information was also collected about street right of way widths, current traffic volume and speeds, presence and condition of sidewalks and the location of floodplains designated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Twenty-two locations were identified that have drainage issues and twelve locations of traffic crashes that have occurred in the last five years.

The Study Team is currently working closely with the Town’s Public Works Dept. to identify the highest priority needs and funding to make improvements. Results of this study are expected to be discussed with Town Council on September 9, 2021.

Residents seeking additional information about this study effort may submit their questions on-line at, by e-mail to To learn more about the Town of Huachuca City visit