The Sierra Vista Metropolitan Planning Organization (SVMPO) is undertaking a joint study with the City of Sierra Vista and Cochise County to identify potential transportation improvements in the Theater Drive Corridor within Fry Townsite.

Fry Townsite is an area of high pedestrian activity linking Len Roberts Park, Carmichael Elementary School, businesses, places of worship, apartment complexes and single-family homes. The SVMPO has provided funding for a joint study project, with City of Sierra Vista and Cochise County technical staff support, to better understand what traffic impacts are at this time. Options will be considered on how to improve the different ways that people travel in and through this area.

Wilson and Company were selected to provide professional consultant services for this effort. The study team has begun initial data collection efforts and are conducting traffic counts in the area in April and May. The Inventory and Roadway Feasibility Study is expected to be completed by the beginning of 2023. This study will develop phased transportation improvement project recommendations for City and County elected official to consider on different possibilities to improve travel circulation throughout this historic part of Sierra Vista.

Information about this study effort is available on the SVMPO website at Comments, suggestions, or questions may be submitted on the SVMPO website, using the “Contract Us” form or by e-mailing Phone messages may be left at 520-515-8525.

Comments received will be shared with the study team and considered when developing the final study recommendations.

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The Sierra Vista Metropolitan Planning Organization is an association of the City of Sierra Vista, the Town of Huachuca City and Cochise County in partnership with the Arizona State Department of Transportation. Its mission to build consensus among its members and the public on regional planning for transportation. The Sierra Vista MPO staff collect and analyze data, provide accurate information and coordinate an open and cooperative planning process to promote effective decision-making for the region. Please visit or contact Karen Lamberton, SVMPO Director at 520.515.8525 for more information.