This webpage provides you with links to maps and data related to the SVMPO region and our transportation system.  You can find socio-economic data, traffic counts, crash statistics and roadway infrastructure inventory links here. 

Sidewalk Inventory

Sidewalk and ADA ramp inventory and pedestrian gap analysis in the City of Sierra Vista.

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Census Data

Website for census data including population and economic information.  Interactive maps and forms are available as is information about the decennial Census count.

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Sierra Vista Bicycle and Shared Use Map

This map shows the developed bicycle and shared use path system in the Sierra Vista area. Hard copies of this map are available in multiple locations throughout Sierra Vista.

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Traffic Counts

The Transportation Data Management System (TDMS) maintains updated traffic counts for the SVMPO region. Data on types of vehicles, numbers of vehicles, speeds and dates of counts are available. This data is used in many ways including allocating funding, making strategic decisions on prioritization of project needs or informing business site selections. Traffic counts on the state system, or other roadways around the State are also available on this site.

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State Demographic Viewer

Create demographic and employment maps with MAG’s online mapping and reporting tool.

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Sierra Vista/Fort Huachuca Top Employers 2014

SVMPO Boundary Map

The SVMPO is located in the southeast corner of Cochise County, in Arizona. The SVMPO covers an area of 614 square miles, reaching to the international border with Mexico to the south, the Pima County boundary to the west, to the City of Benson jurisdiction boundaries to the north, and the San Pedro river corridor to the east. Federal and State owned lands, including Fort Huachuca and the Coronado National Forest are within the SVMPO planning area.