Active projects may be a study, plan, design or construction. These projects are approved in either the Work Program & Budget or in the TIP. Projects are programed by the State Fiscal Year (from July 1st to June 30th of the next calendar year). This webpage will provide links to project reports describing the project, estimated timeline to complete, funding sources and project documents.

Pavement Condition Survey

The City of Sierra Vista, working with Infrastructure Management Services, developed a software tool that includes data and imagery from all of the City’s maintained roadways. This information helps to prioritize maintenance activities on the roadways in the worst condition. It also helps to identify roadways that may be able to defer more expensive reconstruction activities until later. This project is almost completed: staff training will be scheduled and this project completed by summer of 2019.

Emergency Pre-Emption Signal

In partnership with ADOT’s SouthCentral District, the Town of Huachuca City and the Whetstone Fire Dept., emergency pre-emption signals will be installed on Highway 90 to alert, slow and stop high-speed traffic on Highway 90 to allow faster response times for emergency services. This project will include advance signs, alerting the traveling public to the presence of two fire stations, and combine existing street lighting with the new mast arms. Preliminary design is underway and installation is planned by the end of 2019.

North Garden/Fry Blvd. Phase I

A conceptual design study was completed for the West End area in 2017. Business owners along this historic entryway to Fort Huachuca and the City of Sierra Vista were looking for a distinctive look that encouraged a pedestrian friendly environment. At the same time, potential improvements in efficiency, reliability and safety for key downtown intersections and corridors were identified. This project is the first phase of construction towards enhancing the West End transportation circulation. Construction is planned in the year 2020.