This webpage provides a repository of plans, studies and reports undertaken by the SVMPO.  Most of these were funded out of federal and state planning funds, some are funded with State Transportation Block Grants, and a few are funded with partnerships with other agencies or with private grant funding.  Typically, a study, plan or report is completed to assess and prioritize transportation needs, to make recommendations or to identify potential future projects.

Status Definitions

  • Active: Currently in progress.  Not yet finalized. 
  • Inactive: Begun but now paused. Pending resolution of an issue outside the control of the SVMPO.  Will re-engage once issue is resolved. 
  • Completed: Finished. Documents are finalized and transmitted to required agencies or interested member jurisdiction(s) for use.
  • Adopted: Finished. Final document(s) formally adopted by either the SVMPO Board or the interested member jurisdiction in an open meeting.
  • Tabled: Not completed.  Draft documents not finalized.  Effort formally rejected during the process by the SVMPO Board.  Will not be re-engaged unless initiated as a new work activity by formal action of the Board.
Study, Plan or Report
StatusFiscal YearDescription
Vista Transit Rider SurveyCompleted
April 2017
2017Vista Transit undertook this study in order to identify characteristics of transit riders, assess the most highly desired destinations, and ask riders about their overall perception of the service by transit customers. Close to 300 transit riders completed surveys providing Vista Transit with valuable insight into their most frequent rider needs.
Origin & Destination Study
February 2017
2017This intensive traveler survey effort sought to determine the economic impact of shoppers from Mexico crossing at the Douglas Port of Entry on the SVMPO region. Almost 2,000 travelers completed surveys, with additional data collected by WI-FI devices. Key findings: cross-border travelers spent over three hours in Sierra Vista, average spending ranged between $95.00 to $252.00 a trip.
Fry Blvd, West End Corridor Study
February 2017
2017This Study looked at design options to enhance the transportation corridors on the West End: specifically looking at Fry Blvd. from BST to 7th Street. Proposed projects were identified in phases and were designed with the goal of creating a safer, more pedestrian-friendly multi-modal transportation corridor. The first phase of this project was awarded SVMPO construction funds.
Health Impact Assessment (HIA)Completed
August 2016
2016This comprehensive Health Impact Assessment partnered with health professionals to consider the impacts of the transportation system on the health of area residents. The positive effects of alternative modes of travel that encourage active living, like bicycling, walking or riding public transit were evaluated. This Assessment was funded by a grant from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and Prevention-National Center for Environmental Health in partnership with the SVMPO.
2015-2016 Regional Transportation PlanAdopted
March 17, 2016
2016The 2040 Regional Transportation Plan (2040 LRTP) is the first long-range transportation plan developed for the newly formed SVMPO. This plan forms a framework for the regional transportation system, looking to the out-year of 2040. Goals, strategies and priorities for meeting the region’s transportation needs were developed with the support of the MPO Technical Advisory Committee. A financial plan includes potential revenues and expected costs. Recommendations include both funded and unfunded transportation project lists.
Sierra Vista Sidewalk & Implementation PlanApproved
March 2016
2016This report provided the City of Sierra Vista an inventory of sidewalks within the City and provides an analysis of gaps in the system. This pedestrian gap analysis was used to develop recommendations to improve pedestrian access, safety, walkability experience, and encourage increased pedestrian activity throughout the urbanized area.
Buffalo Soldier Trail Concept ReportTabled
July 2015

2015The Buffalo Soldier Trail Design Concept Report (DCR) studied potential routes to extend Buffalo Soldier Trail further east from Highway 92 to Moson Road. Six potential routes were developed and analyzed within the study area. The intent of this design study was to identify a preferred alignment for a new east/west corridor that would provide an alternative to Highway 90 to the north or Ramsey Road to the south.
Sierra Vista Short Range Transit PlanCompleted
July 2014
2014The Sierra Vista Short Range Transit Plan (SRTP) was an update of the 2008 Vista Transit Five Year Master Plan. The SRTP was developed to guide transit services in the region from 2014 to 2019. The Transit Plan outlines future revenue streams and identified recommendations for maintaining a city-wide transit service responsive to current and projected future needs.
Sierra Vista Transportation Efficiency StudyCompleted
March 2013
2013The Sierra Vista Transportation Efficiency Study developed reasonable, implementable, and community-supported strategies to reduce reliance on single-occupancy vehicle trips and expand transportation choices. A Travel Reduction Plan was also developed with the goal of reducing reliance on single occupancy vehicle trips in the area in the future. Recommendations were made for a wide range of potential improvements including strategies for bicycle infrastructure, pedestrian amenities, parking, vanpooling and transit. This Study was funded by a Planning Assistance for Rural Areas (PARA) grant from the Arizona Dept. of Transportation in partnership with the SVMPO.
Sierra Vista Safe Bicycle and Pedestrian Routes PlanCompleted
August 2011
2011The Safe Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan identified nodes and activity centers, mapped a network of bicycle and pedestrian routes that connect nodes and activity centers, identified route deficiencies in terms of safety and comfort of the bicyclist and pedestrian, identified improvement projects that will address the deficiencies, and prioritized improvement projects consistent with safety and connectivity considerations. The final report included recommendations for improvements for both bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure and amenities. This is an important background document for the region completed several years before the SVMPO was formed.
Sierra Vista Small Area Transportation StudyCompleted
June 2003
2003Prepared for the City of Sierra Vista, in partnership with Cochise County and Arizona Department of Transportation, the Sierra Vista Small Area Transportation Study (SATS), is an update of a previous 1996 transportation study. The SATS provided the existing conditions in 2003, future conditions to 2020, alternatives to address transportation needs, and an access management strategies for the state highways dissecting the City of Sierra Vista as well as other major roadway corridors in the area. This study formed the initial basis of the first SVMPO long-range transportation plan, conducted in 2016. This is an important background document for the region but was conducted a decade before the formation of the SVMPO.