The SVMPO supports local transit agencies with planning for the next five years of investments in public transit services. This update to the previous 2014 Transit Plan included an assessment of existing transit assets and transit routes, considered regional connectivity opportunities, developed six recommendations for improving the transit system over the next five years and prioritized funding investments.

Over 79% of all transit riders during the development of this plan provided comments on the existing transit service and improvements they hoped might be considered in the future. One of the top recommendations was that more options for paying fares would be made available and this recommendation is underway to be implemented in 2021.

The Short-Range Transit Plan ensures continued federal and state transit funding for the City of Sierra Vista’s Vista transit service, provides guidance for the Cochise commuter and the Town of Huachuca City connector routes, as well as other public transit services, like Greyhound or shuttles linking riders to locations outside the region